If you've already read the entire Harry Potter series, which I'm assuming you have if you're reading this blog, then I want to introduce you to another great adventure story.

Like HP, this tale also involves magic and a parallel world that runs along right next to our own...or at least could have.

What's the book?

A Game of Thrones!

About The Game of Thrones Series

Also known as Song of Ice and Fire, the A Game of Thrones series was written by author George RR Martin.

Like Harry Potter, there are 7 novels in total, 5 of which have currently been published. Book 6 is slated to come out this spring, so its a great time to start reading the other 5 so you're ready in time!

At any rate, the series takes place in the medieval kingdom of Westeros, an island nation that, not unlike Britain, sits across a channel from a larger continent.

Westeros is divided into various regions, each of which have been brought under the power of "The Iron Throne" to rule as one nation.

After the king is murdered, however, factions break out and old rivalries reignite the kingdom. Add to that a few magical elements - one character can control dragons, another brings forth magic from a devil-like God, and up North mysterious ice zombies threaten to invade the country - and you have a fantastical tale that's both intriguing and fun! Trust me, if you like fantasy, you'll devour these books in no time, and be left wanting more!

Why it's Great

To be honest, I first came across the series a few years ago when HBO debuted their television version of the books. In HBO's Game of Thrones, each season represents 1 book of George RR Martin's series. While the plots follow fairly closely, HBO does take some liberties with the books, and like any film/television version of a novel, you can't possibly capture all of the details and nuances of a great book on screen.

Anyway, my point is simply to say that while I first came across the series because of the tv show, after getting hooked on the first season and went and bought a copy of the books. At that point, only 3 of the 5 (soon to be 7) books were published, and I read them pretty quickly.

The mix of adventure and magic, with great allusions to real medieval history and the vivid setting are a few of the things that really captured my attention and made me love these books. I hope you'll think the same!

Where To Get The Book and Audio

If you are interested in checking out these novels, I recommend you don't download them, but read them in a real book form.

I also really recommend the audio recordings of them, since it lets you live alongside the characters, much as the show does, but with the full details of Martin's original writing.

To get the latest books and listen to the full audio recording, download A Feast for Crows mp3 free or download A Dance with Dragons mp3 free from http://agameofthronesaudiobook.com.

For the book versions, check out GoT on Amazon, as always, which will have the complete series for you.